The most focused forum on the here and now of self-driving technology is BACK...

Join North America's only ADAS/Autonomous event addressing the compelte spectrum of autonomous vehichle technnologies.

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Download the brochure now for the full industry leading program...

Discover the only self-driving technology event this year you can hear:

  • An exclusive CITY OF DETROIT case study revealing how to win critical government support for ADAS/autonomous offerings
  • GM & CONTINENTAL reveal the value proposition actually getting results in building consumer trust
  • FORD & HYUNDAI unpack how to effectively monetize the transition of ADAS systems toward mobile phone operating systems

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In 2018, this included 40% OEM representation from industry leaders including GM, Ford, Mitsubishi, Honda and many more.

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Discover the experts sharing the latest OEM strategies, best practices and untapped opportunities in the ADAS/autonomous space

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  • FORD
  • GM
  • and many more...