Picture the scene. It’s day two of TU-Automotive E-Mobility, you’ve secured guidance from FORD, BYTON and GM on e-mobility’s most pressing industry challenges.

VALEO have just left the stage after delivering their exclusive case study on delivering affordable EV’s to mass market.

You're sitting down, smug in the knowledge that you've already secured a host of new industry contacts before the conference had even begun.

How did you manage it? Well, you visited the American Centre for Mobility with a select but elite group of future mobility professionals.

A Brand New Event Feature, Included with Passes to TU-Automotive E-Mobility For The First Time Ever.

The exclusive site visit provides a rare, up-close glimpse into the future of mobility testing and provides an intimate, informal yet focused setting to engage with other future mobility experts.

What exactly does your trip to the one-of-a-kind facility include?

  • You'll get a full guided bus tour of the complete 8+ acre site, secure a first-hand perspective of the testing conditions that future mobility products will need to navigate in 2019 and beyond.
  • You'll join an exclusive seminar with an onsite expert from the American Center for Mobility, obtain little-known knowledge of the technical capabilities offered to testers and understand the requirements for future mobility products.
  • You'll get 3+ hours of intimate networking away from the bustle of the conference, cut through the dense crowds to spend quality face time with execs from Teague, Futurewei Technologies, NDRIVE and more.
  • You'll be provided return transportation from the TU-Automotive E-Mobility venue to ensure your experience is straightforward and seamless.

Want to find out more? Download the official TU-Automotive E-Mobility brochure and you'll get the full details and breakdown of how you can benefit from this exclusive networking event.

TU-Automotive E-Mobility 2019 Brochure