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The world is changing: drivers want more control over the media they consume and useful information related to their journeys. Passengers expect an entertainment experience in the comfort of their seat. Consequently, car infotainment systems need to become “the” dashboard for travellers by becoming a connected entertainment hub and personal assistant that can offer helpful services like local fuel prices, flight-check-in support and many more.

This webinar, hosted by connected entertainment specialist ACCESS, will discuss the latest developments in in-car infotainment. It will also present manufacturers with tools to stand out from the crowd and prepare for the driverless car revolution. Moderated by TU-Automotive, this webinar will enable attendees to share their questions and gain first hand insight into the trends that are changing the way we drive and enjoy in-car infotainment in every journey.

On the panel we will be discussing:
  • How are OTT and automotive content consumption different from each other?
  • How is autonomous driving going to change content consumption in the car?
  • How much personalization do drivers require from their IVIs?
  • Are there different requirements for a driver and the IVI depending on who the passengers are?
  • Would the drivers need to connect to their homes to feel like-at-home in their cars?